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Daily Paint 1609. Crustacean by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1609. Crustacean :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,351 91
100 inspirations challenge
100 inspirations challenge
If you chose to get inspired – or if it happens by accident ;) - you may use this list as it fits you :heart:
Rules: Any medium, unlimited time (unless you limit yourself). Get inspired! :D
Use the inspirations as hints only for your images or use them as actual name of your pictures.
No need to do them in order.
Keep track of which ones youv'e done yourself ;)
Please credit the list by linking to this deviation so others may find it too :heart:
1. Cozy by the fireplace
2. Fun in the rain
3. Golden afternoon
4. Moonlight dance (*)
5. Playtime in a summer forest (*)
6. Spying on perfection (*)
7. Sleeping in your arms
8. A secret kiss
9. I will protect you
10. Isn't this all you ever wanted?
11. Tea on a sunlit balcony
12. I fear your dark heart
13. Delicious dinner party
14. Deep, dark rage (*)
15. By the calm water (*)
16. Autumn palace
17. Sparkling winter costume
18. I dare you, release the beast
19. Whispering sorrow
20. Sorrow is a lonely he
:iconsolkatt:Solkatt 152 28
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Chance Cover
Just the cover art to a Fallout story I've been working on. I might end up posting it here, but you can also find it on my FFN account (SML818).
Hey everyone!

Welp, it's finally 2016, and that means it's a new year.  I honestly hope that this year will be far better than 2015 was for me.  But, this isn't about my personal life off of dA.  I just got VuPoint Solutions scanner for my computer (via my parents, who got it for me as a Christmas gift), and I just hooked it up today.  This means I'll finally be able to upload my traditional art to the site.  I'll also be using it to upload sketches and finish them on my computer to upload, sense I'm more comfortable working traditionally for certain positions.  

I'm also looking to start on my comics.  I have Doctor Whooves, which I'll be working on after re-writing a few things and figuring out some formatting.  I've also got an idea that I feel you guys will like (I'll probably post another journal tomorrow on that, I don't like to make these too long).  

I'll also be working on getting my FanFiction stories up on here, so that people who don't go on (or who just can't find my work on there, as it kinda got buried) can read them.  I'm hoping to get some good feedback on all that, as well as get some ideas for future stories/chapters.

Finally, I'll be working on some smaller things, humanizations, pose sketches, and the like.  I'm getting some really good ideas from games/movies/songs/ect like Portal/Portal 2, songs by Harry101UK on YouTube, and the Cars franchise.  

If I stick to the schedual I want to keep, I'll be uploading every week, with comics every month or so (the comics would update on a bi-monthly basis, with one updating, then the next month, the other comic would update, so Doctor Whooves may end up getting updated this month, and then my other comic will start next month, and so on and so forth).

I hope for 2016 to be a great year, both on- and off-line.  So, here's to wishing for a great 2016.  Talk to you all later.


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Not much to say about myself, really. I draw as a hobby and simply wish to share my work with others who share the same interest. I would love any little tips on how to improve, though.


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